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Boarding at Parkhaven

Our Facilities

Our stalls The indoor arena Tack room Grazing in the pasture

Parkhaven has the following features available to boarders:

  • 14 8'x10' stalls
  • 3 10'x12' stalls
  • 3 10'x16' stall
  • 55'x120' covered arena
  • 60'x140' open arena
  • 50' round pen
  • 3 green pastures (20 acres total)
  • 2 tack rooms

The arenas are availible for use until 9:00 PM. Horses are turned out into the pastures when the weather is appropriate. If the temperature is below 15 degrees or it is raining, horses may not be turned out.

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Nutrition and Amenities

Grain, hay, and water are provided twice daily. We feed only the finest 12% sweet grain and mixed alfalfa hay.

We use premium wood shaving bedding.

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Boarding Options

Full Indoor Board includes the following:

  • A 8'x10' matted stall
  • Feedings twice daily
  • Fresh bedding as needed
  • Daily picking
  • AM/PM water

Basic Board includes the following:

  • A 8'x10' stall
  • Feedings twice daily
  • Fresh bedding as needed
  • Daily pasture turn out
  • Daily picking

Rough Board includes the following:

  • Not available

Numerous extras are also available. Foaling females require an extra fee, and so do stallions. Other specialty services, such as medical treatment or more frequent feedings may require an additional fee.

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Pricing and Fees

Boarding OptionsPrice
Full Indoor Board$350/mo
Basic Board$295/mo
Personal Stall Fan+$10/mo
Foaling Fee+$100/mo
Stallion Fee+$100/mo
Other Specialty Treatment+$10-$75/mo
Other AmenitiesPrice
Tack Storageincluded
Trailer Parking$10/mo
Cart Storage (2 wheel)$5/mo
Cart Storage (4 wheel)$10/mo

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Stable Rules and Policies

The current horse board is expected on the 1st day of the month, or else be subject to a $50 late fee. Boarding prices and fees are subject to change without notice. A 30-day notice is required prior to cancellation of boarding

All horses are to have their teeth checked, be wormed, and have immunizations current by the barn veterinarian. Worming every eight weeks is recommended.

A boarding contract and a negative Coggins Test is required for each horse before boarding.

Boarder access to Parkhaven and facilities is available 7 days a week. Children under the age of 14 are required to have a parent or guardian present when at Parkhaven. All boarders must clean up after themselves.

Our rules are for the safety of riders and horses. Thanks for following them!

Norman and Elle

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